GoToTheGround 5:

Sunday 10th June 2012

Another great day of grappling with some brilliant matches and fantastic absolute divisions. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and helped out on the day!

Novice -65kg:

Gold: Alfie Rafferty (Gracie Barra Upminster)
Silver: Michael Handakas (Shynmyoken/Monster Gym)
Bronze: John Jordan (Elements MMA)

Novice -70kg:

Gold: Nathan Hope (Tsunami)
Silver: Daniel Ellmer (MMA Clinic)
Bronze: Jeremy King (Tsunami)

Novice -77kg:

Gold: Den Palmer (Siam MMA)
Silver: Ross Gallagher (Siam MMA)
Bronze: James Jones (Leicester Shootfighters)

Novice -84kg:

Gold: Connor Duffy (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Mick Wells (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Danny Good (Siam MMA)

Novice -93kg:

Gold: Bruce Jamison (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Tomasz Sperski (Avaddon MMA)


Gold: Mick Wells (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Connor Duffy (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Alfie Rafferty (Gracie Barra Upminster)

Intermediate -70kg:

Gold: Richard Baskin (Fuzion MMA)
Silver: John Boam (Cambridge Free Fight)
Bronze: Rob Silverton (MMA Clinic)

Intermediate -77kg:

Gold: Dan Turner (TSG Fight School)
Silver: Subaig Kandola (Leicester Shootfighters)
Bronze: Paul Withipoom (MMA Clinic)

Intermediate -84kg:

Gold: Stuart Gooch (Norwich Kickstop)
Silver: Adam Turner (Tokon Academy)
Bronze: Pawel Sujewicz (Carlson Gracie)

Intermediate -100kg:

Gold: Dan Piper (TSG Fight School)
Silver: Michael Malloy (Tsunami Gym)
Bronze: Lucas Smith (Carlson Gracie)

Intermediate +100kg:

Gold: Aaron Petersen (TSG Fight School)
Silver: Andrew Hardy (TSG Fight School)
Bronze: Wez Roche (Carlson Gracie)


Gold: Stuart Gooch (Norwich Kickstop)
Silver: Dan Turner (TSG Fight School)
Bronze: John Calderwood (Norwich Kickstop)

Advanced -70kg:

Gold: Stephen Stanley (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Chris Garry (Elements MMA/10th Planet)
Bronze: Dave McLaughlin (Cambridge Free Fight)

Advanced -84kg:

Gold: Shane Burr (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Jack Lister (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Jacob Constantinou (Leicester Shootfighters)


Gold: Shane Burr (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Stephen Stanley (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Jack Lister (Carlson Gracie)

Team Standings:

Carlson Gracie – 45 points
TSG Fight School – 21 points
Norwich Kickstop – 11 points
Tsunami / Siam MMA – 9 points
Gracie Barra Upminster – 6 points
MMA Clinic / Fuzion MMA / Leicester Shootfighters – 5 points
Elements MMA / Cambridge Free Fight – 4 points
Tokon Academy / Synmyoken / Avaddon MMA – 3 points

Registration for GoToTheGround 5 is now closed and all competitors have now been emailed an info pack.

Please contact us ASAP at if you have not received your email or have any queries!

GoToTheGround 5 will be held at our usual venue in Ipswich on Sunday 10th June 2012!

Please see the ‘Rules’ page for the relevant weight categories and select appropriately when prompted (womens categories are also specified).

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a blue belt in BJJ or have won the Novice division before you MUST enter the Intermediate division to ensure all brackets remain balanced. Grappling is about constantly challenging yourself so please respect other competitors and enter divisions accordingly. ‘Sandbagging’ will not be tolerated. (If you have a purple belt in BJJ you must enter the Advanced division).

Standard Entry Fee: £25
(Instructors wishing to register 10 or more students please contact us for further details and benefits).
Please note: We regret that there will be no juniors categories available for this event – Please ensure all participants are aged 16 years or older.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

GoToTheGround 4:

Sunday 26th February 2012

Our biggest and most successful tournament yet! Over 160 competitors and finished perfectly on schedule! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and helped out on the day!

Novice -65kg:

Gold: Kieran Hopgood (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: James McAfee (Legacy MMA & BJJ)
Bronze: Robert D’Angelo (Carlson Gracie)

Novice -70kg:

Gold: Dean Owens (TSG Fight School)
Silver: Morgan Reid (MMA Clinic)
Bronze: Tom Wheatley (WCC Fight School)

Novice -77kg:

Gold: Paul Withipoom (MMA Clinic)
Silver: James Hawkins (SJ MMA)
Bronze: Jamie Crisp (Tsunami Gym)

Novice -84kg:

Gold: Pawel Sujewicz (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Janis Riekstins (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Paul Kirk (MMA Clinic)

Novice -93kg:

Gold: Chris Ranger (Arlans Siquiera BJJ)
Silver: James Webb (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Dan Atwell (TSG Fight School)

Novice -100kg:

Gold: Michael Malloy (Tsunami Gym)
Silver: John Michael (Caveman BJJ)
Bronze: Joseph Barrett (Caveman BJJ)

Novice +100kg:

Gold: Andrew Hardy (TSG Fight School?)
Silver: Phillip Dow (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Chris Barrett (Carlson Gracie)

Intermediate -65kg:

Gold: Dom Tsui (MMA Clinic)
Silver: James Costa (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Luke Rose (Masters Academy)

Intermediate -70kg:

Gold: Lee Renaut (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Stephen Stanley (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Richard Baskin (Fuzion MMA)

Intermediate -77kg:

Gold: Andrew Twerjanowicz (LFF/Checkmat)
Silver: Dan Turner (TSG Fight School)
Bronze: Adam Larkin (MMA Clinic)

Intermediate -84kg:

Gold: Nathan Shetty (Checkmat)
Silver: Mika Paakari (Tsunami Gym)
Bronze: Daniel Rainbird (Carlson Gracie)

Intermediate -93kg:

Gold: Luke Barnatt (Tsunami Gym)
Silver: JD Hylton (Leicester Shootfighters)
Bronze: Adam Turner (TSG Fight School)

Advanced -70kg:

Gold: Max Campos (TBC)
Silver: Mike Limiac (Caveman BJJ)
Bronze: Marek Idzikowski (KO-MMA London)

Advanced -77kg:

Gold: Liam Corrigan (Leicester Shootfighters)
Silver: Ranjeet Baria (Leicester Shootfighters)
Bronze: Adrian Dominiak (Macacao Gold Team)

Advanced -84kg:

Gold: John Hales (TSG Fight School)
Silver: Marcin Rozenbaum (Checkmat)
Bronze: Jack Lister (Carlson Gracie)

Advanced Heavyweight:

Gold: Jason Bell (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Stav Economu (TSG Fight School)
Bronze: Iwan Baxter (Leicester Shootfighters)

Womens Novice:

Gold: Jodie Coleman (EKBJJ)
Silver: Jolie Taylor-Boyle (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Marian Preston (Tsunami Gym)

Team Standings:

Carlson Gracie – 42 points
TSG Fight School – 23 points
Tsunami – 15 points
MMA Clinic – 15 points
Checkmat – 13 Points
Leicester Shootfighters – 12 points
Caveman BJJ – 7 points
Arlans Siquiera BJJ – 5 points
EKBJJ – 5 points
Legacy MMA & BJJ – 3 points
SJ MMA – 3 points
Fuzion MMA / Macacao Gold Team / Masters Academy / KO MMA / WCC Fight School – 1 point

Congratulations to everyone who competed and a huge thank you to all those who helped out and made it yet another fantastic tournament!

Novice -65kg:

Gold: John Boam (Cambridge Free Fight)
Silver: Rob Silverton (MMA Clinic)
Bronze: Kieran Hopgood (Carlson Gracie)

Novice -70kg:

Gold: Joel Smithson (TBC)
Silver: Lucas Ambrose (TBC)
Bronze: Christian Tee (Carlson Gracie)

Novice -77kg:

Gold: Joe Harding (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Marcus Creed (TBC)
Bronze: Tom Baille (TBC)

Novice -84kg:

Gold: Dan Rainbird (TBC)
Silver: Dom Harris (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Sam Grey (TBC)

Novice -93kg:

Gold: John Garcia (Tsunami / Pro-Am)
Silver: Joshua Alderson (TBC)
Bronze: Chacaro Guess (Carlson Gracie)

Intermediate -65kg & -70kg:

Gold: Niall Grant (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Dennis Escobar (Carlson Gracie)
Bronze: Shane Ruffell (Carlson Gracie)

Intermediate -77kg:

Gold: Dan Turner (TSG Fight School)
Silver: Michael Peachy (TBC)
Bronze: Jody Murfitt (TBC)

Intermediate -84kg:

Gold: Ryan David (Carlson Gracie)
Silver: Edward Robinson (TBC)
Bronze: Adam Turner (TSG Fight School)

Intermediate -93kg & -100kg:

Gold: Luke Barnatt (Tsunami / Pro-Am)
Silver: Russell Board (Icon Jiu-Jitsu)
Bronze: Lucas Smith (Carlson Gracie)


Gold: Rhiannon Coleman (MMA Clinic)
Silver: Kerry Masrati (Carlson Gracie)

Competitor lists & event timings are now available for download.

Doors open 9:00am – First fight 10:00am.

It is likely you will be able to weigh-in upon arriving though priority will be given to those fighting in the first brackets.  Please arrive early as all bracket times are subject to change.

Timetable: CLICK HERE

Competitor List: CLICK HERE

Registration for GTTG 3 is now open.

Thanks to all our sponsors and vendors: Empire Fight Shop, Faixa Rua, Addidas AVA Sports, Forever Products & Sublime Foods Acai.

Thanks also to the ladies from Norwich for providing the highly appreciated free sports massages all day.

Thanks to all the table staffs, refs and competitors (from a total of 24 different clubs) who made GTTG 2 a great event.

The results can be viewed here: EVENT INFO

Photos and videos will go up in the coming days.

GoToTheGround – Round 002 is fast approaching on Sunday February 20th 2011!

EVENT: GoToTheGround – Round 002 No-gi Submission Grappling Tournament.
WHEN: Sunday February 20th 2011, 9am venue opens (first fight 10am).
WHERE: Suffolk Police Headquarters, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP5 3QS
COST: Just £20 (which still makes us the cheapest full service tournament around!).
REGISTRATION: with automated payment via Paypal/Credit card (we can provide alternative payment options if required).

As for our previous event, registration will be open up till midnight on Wednesday 16th February after which, full competitor lists and bracket timings will be published by close of play on the Thursday. Please note there will be no on the day registration.


You commented and we listened: We’ve expanded the divisions available to now include: Novice (-1 Year), Intermediate (-3 Years or BJJ Blue), Advanced (+3 Years or BJJ Purple).
We’ve also expanded the weight classes available: -65Kg, -70Kg,-77Kg,-84Kg,-93Kg,-100Kg,+100Kg

JUNIORS: If you or any of you teammates would like to enter a juniors division, please contact us and we will attempt to match you with other interested competitors.


We are committed to expanding grappling in East Anglia, giving you value for money and a great experience so we aim to make sure that all competitors get at least two fights.


Yes that’s right! A team of ladies will be giving free sports massages all day during the event. They have offered their services as part of their professional training so make sure you stop by and check them out!


GoToTheGround is running three events this year (February 20th, 03rd July and 23rd October) so we’ve decided to offer grand champion prizes at the end of the year for those competitors who perform best over all three events. League tables will be kept for team and individual efforts and tallied following the October event with the winners receiving trophies and equipment prizes!


Thanks to AVA Sports ( & Evolution Fightwear ( for continuing their sponsorship with us through into 2011.
We are also pleased to announce that has joined our list of sponsors for the upcoming event and will have a sales stall at the venue.

We hope to see you all there!

Kind Regards,

GTTG Admin

We are very pleased to confirm our competition dates for the forthcoming year:

GTTG – Round 002: February 20th 2011
GTTG – Round 003: July 03rd 2011
GTTG – Round 004: October 23rd 2011